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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Famous Places to Visit in Belgium

If you want to see modern life, Brussels is the place to be. The top attraction in this city is the Grand Place, surrounded by the Town Hall and is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another attraction in the city includes the Parc du Cinquantenaire; a large park spread across 30 hectares comprising beautiful gardens, waterfalls, and ponds. It even has the famous Cinquantenaire Art Museum, AutoWorld Museum, and the Royal Military Museum. And not to forget the famous Manneken Pis, Belgium’s famous little statue. It’s a statue of little boy peeing in a fountain, located on the corner of Rue de L’Etuve & Stroofstraat since 1619.

Bruges is the place to travel to if you are looking for a blend of early and contemporary life in Europe. The Groeningemuseum is a major point of interest that is a museum of fine arts holding artworks from the 14th century onwards. Another attraction is the Choco-Story Museum that gives you a glimpse about the making of chocolates. Similarly, The Frietmuseum shows the role and history of potato and chips. Don’t miss the Snow and Ice sculpture festival which displays exquisite ice sculptures.

A city just about 20 km east of the vibrant Brussels is Leuven. This is a city famous for the Hortus Botanicus Lovaniensis, a botanical garden known for possessing rare flowers and plants, ponds, greenhouses, etc. The city is mainly known for its student life, pubs, bars and busy markets. Other attractions include the Leuven Town Hall, Grand Béguinage of Leuven, and many historical churches like St. Peter’s Church and Church of Saint Michael.

This city boasts of one of the largest seaports in the European region. It is a metropolitan city with much to offer for visitors. Animal lovers would really enjoy the Antwerp Zoo which has around 6,000 animals. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp is for art enthusiasts, displaying a wide range of works by world-renowned artists. Other places for tourists are the Steen Castle, Antwerp Port, and many diamond shops, as this city is believed to be the world’s diamond capital.

This is referred to as the flower city of the country. It holds the Gentse Floraliën flower festival which is a once in five year event, displaying a variety of flowers and plants. You can truly enjoy the boat rides on the Leie river. Ghent is like a paradise to music lovers as well; with sporting festivals such as the Gentse Feesten, I Love Techno, and Festival of Flanders. Food enthusiasts can also have a good time in the multi-cuisine eateries of this Belgium city.

Tourists to Hasselt mark this place as a traditional European city. Though it is a small city, it is considered quite social. As being thought of as the ‘city of the taste’, there are many restaurants available around. Fashionable shoppers can have a good time owing to the designer brand shops in most of the streets. You can even enjoy the Plopsa Indoor amusement park. Other places to visit are the open air museum in Bokrijk, Municipal Fashion Museum, and National Genever Museum.

Usually, people traveling to Belgium are tourists who visit Germany, Luxembourg, and France. They are surprised by the cultural heritage the country possesses. An interesting fact is that the country is one of the finest manufacturers of chocolate and beer the world over.

Nice Places to Visit in Mauritius

Mauritius offers you much more than you can think of. A country so small, will surprise you with a lot of things. From the flora to the fauna, you will have a good time experiencing the different gardens and beaches in this country. Mauritius is also a perfect example of the phrase unity in diversity. A lot of religions are practiced here in perfect peace and calm. Mauritius vacation ideas also include short trips, where you can see most of the places mentioned below.

Port Louis
One of the first places you should visit in Mauritius, you have to, have to see in Port Louis, is the second oldest race course in the southern Hemisphere. It is called the Champ de Mars, built in 1812. Also worth visiting are the museums in this city, namely the Mauritius Natural History Museum, the Mauritius Stamp Museum, and the Blue Penny Museum. The Signaux mountain is another sight from where tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of the entire city. This city will offer you some of the best colonial buildings, with Fort Adelaide needing an important mention. Tourists are also said to love the Central market here. The temples, mosques, cathedrals, and pagodas throughout the city, are also a must visit.

Royal Botanical Gardens of Pamplemousses
This botanical garden is globally famous and a must see for all tourists. It has some 600 or more different types and species of plants and trees. The best part is, it hosts some 80 different amazing species of palms. This botanical garden was established in 1770 and has been structured beautifully. Some of the palm species available here are the Brazilian Queen Palm, Chinese Lady Palm, and the Royal Palm. The huge water lilies in this garden complete the mesmerizing beauty it has to offer. People who visited this botanical garden swore that they had never seen such big water lilies before. Also visit the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, once you are in Mauritius.

Ile aux Cerfs
Ile aux Cerfs is an offshore island that is situated near the country’s east coast. Most tourists choose Mauritius as their holiday destination to enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. If you are amongst them, Ile aux Cerfs is what you should look for. The island offers breathtaking views that include turquoise water and amazing white sands. The beautiful lush green palm trees complete the picture perfectly. You can arrive at this island with the help of a jetty, some 3 hours would be sufficient for a complete tour. Near the main beach, you can find some amazing coves to relax. However, the south-west beaches should be avoided as they aren’t safe for swimming. There is also an 18-hole golf course designed by Bernhard Langer on this island, for those who love golf!

Chamarel is perhaps one of the most well-known places in Mauritius. This village has a mention in some of the geography textbooks as well. Situated in the southwest of portion of the country, it is famous for two tourist spots – one, the seven colored earth and second, the Chamarel waterfalls. The earth in this village has seven colors to it, an outcome of the volcanic rocks that cooled down gradually. When you look at these landscapes for the first time, you might feel as though there are shadows spread over it. Some shops in the village also sell test tubes filled with this seven colored earth. The Chamarel waterfalls are another spectacular view as you can witness one of the most beautiful falls at a height of some 83meters. The sugarcane fields throughout the village also add to the scenic views here.

Casela Bird Park
Though the entire Black River Gorges area needs a proper visit from every tourist, the Casela Bird Park needs a special mention. This is another park that will take you a bit more closer to the awesome diversity in the flora and fauna of Mauritius. With some 120 species of birds, it is also home to some tortoises and some fish. A unique bird here, is the ‘Pink Pigeon’ of Mauritius. This park would certainly make it to the top spot in any ornithologist’s travel list. Spread over 20 acres, some of the birds found here are the necked pheasant, the cockadoo, the cockatiel pea and the crested pigeon. Surprisingly, you would also get to see some animals such as lemurs and tigers. Quite a visit it would be, wouldn’t it?

Interesting Activities in Dominican Republic

What’s suggested below makes for some of the best things that can be done when in República Dominicana. Take a look…

Spend Time on the Countless Beaches
As much as I’d like to stay away from this suggestion, or maybe at least not begin with it, it is a little hard to refrain from. The Dominican Republic offers you some of the best beaches you could ever find, and that seems a little hard to pass up, wouldn’t you say? It doesn’t matter where in DR you are, you can be sure of the fact that there will always be a beach that is worth your while. Here are some that you could opt from… Boca Chica Beach (Santo Domingo), beaches on Catalina island, Sosua beach and Cabarete beach (Puerto Plata), Bávaro, Uvero Alto, Cabeza de Toro, and Boca de Yuma (all in Punta Cana).

Whale Watching
There are a lot of cool activities to do, but this is definitely an experience that will be worth it, especially if you love marine life but haven’t had much of a chance to see it for real. This activity is however dependent on the time of the year that you have chosen to be in DR. Since the period from January to March is mating season for Humpback whales, you could do what every other tourist does, and flock there too, so as to get a glimpse or maybe more of these humongous mammals. These whales are said to be acrobatic by nature, so you could watch them breaching, porpoising, and a lot more.

Check out the Casinos and Nightlife
Surely a lot of you love to see a good nightlife. Well, if you’ve chosen to go to Dominican Republic for that, you can be sure of the fact that you will get to experience one helluva nightlife. Truth be told, you’d be almost surprised with the number of casinos that you’d have access to during your stay here. What makes them further appealing is the friendly and easygoing nature of the place. Equipped with all the traditional games, and liveliness that could lift anyone’s spirits, the casinos in DR will make your trip a memorable fun experience too. What probably makes it better, for a lot of people, could also be the part where a lot of them function all day long.

Relax at the Spas
In all honesty, there are a lot of romantic things to do over here, but if you don’t have much time to treat the trip as an all-out romantic getaway, the least you could do is go relax at some of the best spas, and allow yourself to get pampered. Along with providing you with the much-needed relaxation, what it also gives you is world-class treatment, and there isn’t a person that doesn’t enjoy that. By the end of your trip what you can also expect is the most therapeutic time that you would’ve ever imagined.

Simply Explore
So, we took care of the fancier options that you could choose from when in the Dominican Republic, but every now and again it is a good idea to move beyond that too. The point of visiting a new place is always to see what it’s about, and the best way to do that is to skip being all boring, and choosing to explore the place instead. You also have the option of a number of national parks here, and that is a great gamble for any nature lover. Lots of flora and fauna to enjoy. Home to innumerable endangered animal species, this activity could render rather informational too.

That may seem like a tiny list of suggestions, but it sure isn’t all that there is to do. Other fun things that you could make time for are…

  • Scuba-diving
  • Snorkeling
  • White Water Rafting
  • Fishing
  • Excursions
  • Hiking
  • Golf
  • Children’s Parks and Museums
  • Festivals
  • Try the local cuisine
  • River boat safaris
  • Cruises
  • Dune Buggy rides
  • Monster truck safaris
  • Shopping

The Dominican Republic is large, and there is no way anyone could get bored there. As long as the sole purpose and intention of the travel is a fun time and blissful trip, you can be sure that you will have one of the most satisfying vacations that you could ever ask for.

Plan a Trip to Italy

Planning always comes with some expense. Some don’t bother about spending, while some are conscious while spending and are looking for different ways of planning an affordable trip. With the availability of numerous air travel companies, traveling has become cheaper and easier. As many people show interest in visiting different destinations, air travel companies are coming up with many cheap and great offers. Hence, the question of how to plan a cheap vacation to Italy is solved.

Budgeting, for some, is an essential factor while planning a vacation. They have to consider the amount they spend on air tickets, their accommodation and also the places they want to visit. Well planning all this by yourself is never easy and is an irksome task. So, to ease out your planning load, consult the travel and tourism companies. Some of these companies have great tourism packages that can suit your budget and also give you the joy of tailoring your trip as per your convenience.

In case you are visiting through a travel company, your accommodation is mainly taken care by them. However, the case is different if you have taken the planning on yourself. Italy has many affordable as well as exotic accommodations available. From villas, apartments to hotels and lodgings, every city of Italy promises to offer its guests a comfortable stay. However, if you prefer for more luxurious and comfortable stay, then advance booking can get you beautiful apartments and villas. These luxurious accommodations not only provide comfortable rooms but also tempt you to plunge in some great cuisine too.

Even websites can give you a quick update on different beautiful hotels in Italy and can guide you well in choosing the lodging as per the places you want to visit. Short list the hotels of your choice and inquire about the cost of living per day. This way you can budget your per day living and have a great trip to Italy.

Places to Visit in Italy
Italy’s mild climatic conditions make it possible for many to visit it any time of the year. Rome, Vatican, Venice, Pisa, Amalfi, Florence and Milan are some of the great places to visit in Italy. The famous Roman Colosseum is always a great sight to watch, which comes with an interesting history. Besides visiting the historic monuments, you can plunge into an interesting conversation over a cup of coffee, as there are a variety of café shops in Rome. If your interest lies more into arts, then the Vatican exposes some of the best museums and also displays the well-known Sistine Chapel. Moving towards the most lovely and known to be the romantic cities of Italy, Venice is entirely built on water. It’s a home to many magnificent palaces and churches. Sardini and Sicily are another two cities that are a must visit when you are planning your trip to Italy. These islands are a mix of clear water, beaches, historic monuments, and are also known to serve delicious food.