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Facts about Tower Bridge

Along with the Kensington palace, British museum, Westminster bridge, the London bridge, etc., the tower bridge is also one of the best places to visit in London. Here are some interesting facts that you will love reading:

  • The tower bridge in London is one of the most popular bascule bridges in the world. A bascule bridge is the one that is made of two parts and can be opened exactly in the center. The London bridge is also a bascule bridge, and therefore, one may often get confused between the two famous bridges.
  • The construction of the bridge started in the year 1886 and was completed, after eight years, in 1894. 11,000 tones of steel was used for the construction of this bridge.
  • The total length of Tower Bridge is 244 m. It is divided into three spans and the longest span of the bridge is about 61 m
  • The bridge connects the Tower Bridge Approach, which is on the north bank of Thames with Tower Bridge Road, which is one the south bank of the river.
  • According to the history of this structure, the design of Sir Horace Jones was selected from among 50 designs for the bridge. Sir Jones’ engineer Sir John Wolfe Barry, designed the bascule bridge.
  • Being one of the best London’s bridges, from the walkways of the tower bridge, one will find beautiful views of the London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, Maritime Greenwich, and Canary Wharf.
  • The high level walkways were originally built for people to cross the river even if the bridge was raised.
  • However, these walkways were closed due to increased rates of suicides, robbery on the bridge.
  • The Tower Bridge Exhibition was opened in 1982 (and re-opened in 2002). One will find the entire story of the construction of the bridge in this exhibition. According to tower bridge facts, the walkways on the bridge can be rented for parties and private events.
  • Before the opening of this bridge, a pedestrian tunnel, situated below the Thames was used. This tunnel has turned into a passage for telecommunication cables since then.
  • There have been some accidental mishaps due to the bascule structure of the bridge. In the year 1952, a bus had to leap from one leaf to the other as it was caught on the road just when the bridge began to rise.
  • Similarly, in the year 1997, the motorcade of President Clinton (when on a tour to England) was divided into half as the bridge started to rise for a ship to pass.